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Phantasm - Reference Sheet by obakesama Phantasm - Reference Sheet by obakesama
FINALLY centuries later I got to work on Phantasm's reference,, aaaaaaa
here's the Q&A I stole from Ghost ;3

Q: Can I draw him?
A: Yes! I will be extremely happy to receive art of him!! You can draw him feral or anthro, but please do not draw him in a human form.

Q: Are all these things specific? Can I change something when drawing him?
A: Don't worry! You can feel free to adapt him to your style. His hair is longer than Ghost's hair, but his ears and tail are kind of short. Please do keep his colors close to the original ones!

Q: What does he like?
A: He loves collecting plants, gardening, getting to know other people, and he absolutely love his panda plush!!! Feel free to draw him with it ^_^

Q: What's his relationship with Ghost and Phantom?
A: He is really scared of Phantom and will keep distance from them! He'll cry if Phantom gets too close ;; He admires Ghost a lot and loves to be near them!!! He says he hopes to be as cool as Ghost one day :3c

Q: Can my character be their friend?
A: I need to get to know the character before, so feel free to ask this in a note/comment!
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